October Meeting

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse- 28-50 31st Street

kcbcThis month we are excited to have KCBC as our guests.  KCBC is a 15BBL brewery that opened this past summer in Bushwick.

Please show your appreciation to our hosts by purchasing a beverage (or two) from our dedicated server in the meeting space, we will be meeting in their enclosed patio in the back.

September Meeting

September Meeting

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse- 28-50 31st Street

Just a reminder that our September meeting is coming up. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please show your appreciation to our hosts by purchasing a beverage (or two) from our dedicated server in the meeting space, we will be meeting in the back of the restaurant.


August Meeting

August Meeting

Wednesday,August 3, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse- 28-50 31st Street

Please show your appreciation to our hosts by purchasing a beverage (or two) from out dedicated server in the meeting space, we will be meeting in their patio in the back.


This month we are dedicating our meeting to Saisons.  To start the meeting a few of our members have all brewed saisons using the same base recipe.  They will share their process as well as any special ingredients they used, and an opportunity will be had to sample and compare their offerings.We are also excited to welcome back Transmitter Brewing who is making a special appearance for our saison meeting.  As you know, Transmitter is brewing some of the best saisons and farmhouse ales in the city.  The last time they came to our meeting they had just opened up their brewery and have brewed a lot of saisons since then.

July Meeting

July Meeting

Wednesday,July 6, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse- 28-50 31st Street
Please show your appreciation to our hosts by purchasing a beverage (or two) from our server, we will be meeting in their enclosed (and heated) patio in the back.

Breiss Sensory Evaluation Method

At the National Homebrew Conference Breiss Malting  gave a seminar on performing sensory analysis of base and specialty malts.  They provided step by step instructions on how to quickly evaluate and compare malts. At our July meeting  we will be discussing their method and how it can be used by homebrewers.


The Steering Committee will be meeting at 6:30 at the Irish Whisky (Olde Prauge) next to the Astoria Brewhouse. This meeting is open to members in good standing who wish to take a more active role in the leadership of the club.

June Meeting – Sixpoint Brewery

Wednesday June 1, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse , 28-50 31st Street



We apologize for the late notice, but we were busy securing our guest speaker for our June Meeting.  We are excited to have Sixpoint Brewer Danny Bruckert as our speaker for this month.  Danny has worked as a brewer, manager and all round mad scientist at Sixpoint and he has promised to bring us something “fun” to sample.

A friendly reminder that Astoria Brewhouse has asked that upon entering the premises that you go straight to the back and order all of your food and drink from our server. 


Brewstoria Goes to NHC!

The National Homebrew Conference is quickly approaching and we are putting in a last minute order for conference themed t-shirts.  We are encouraging everyone who is going to the conference to order one, and to wear it to Club Night. You can order and pay for a T-Shirt here: https://www.customink.com/g/xyp0-00ak-jr75

Shirts need to be ordered by May 30th.  I will hand them out at NHC, if you are not going to NHC and want a shirt I will bring it to the July meeting.

A special thanks goes out to club member Mark Forsman who designed our NHC logo.


August Saison Meeting

As discussed at the May  meeting, we are planning on having a few members brew a saison and share their beers with the club in August. This will be similar to the Dry Irish Stouts we did back in December.


To brew beer, drink the beer, enjoy it, drink other people’s beer and see how we can brew better beer by comparing each brewer’s techniques or differences in the ingredients or their brewing process


Each brewers will brew nearly the same recipe on their own system. We will then share the beers at the August meeting with the club.

Ingredient Sourcing

We all have our favorite store or sites, so you are free to buy wherever you please or if there is enough interest, we can organize a group order. Since it is your beer, you are free to adjust the recipe as you would like as long as you can tell us what you did.

Time Line


  1. join the group and commit to the group brew. (send an email to info@brewstoria.com)
  2. Help pick a base recipe for the group.
  3. Determine if anyone wants to do a group bulk buy.
  4. Arrange your brew schedule, bring extra beer to the next meeting to free up your keg (or bottles)

     June Meeting

  1. Have all of the items above complete.
  2. Add any additional brewers to the group brew.
  3. Make payments for the bulk buy if we decide to do this.

     July Meeting

  • Tell everyone that you already brewed and don’t lie about it.

    August Meeting

  • Share your flawless beer and tell everyone how your beer was the best.


  • We will email you with the recipe once you have signed up to participate.

May Meeting

Wednesday May 4, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse , 28-50 31st Street

Tech Talk on Mashing

This month we will be having a tech talk on mashing, covering both the basics of mashing as well as discussing some advanced techniques and concepts.

Bridge and Tunnel Wort Share

Also up for discussion will be the upcoming Bridge and Tunnel Wort Share.  As part of Queens Beer Week, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery will be producing and sharing wort straight from their mashtun.  Participants will be able to obtain 5 gallons of un-boiled, un-hopped wort at a small cost (no more than $10) to use as they see fit.  The following month there will be a bottle share for participants to share what they have done.   A recipe for the wort has not yet been chosen, and we will have an opportunity to add our input on the grain bill.

Wort will need to be picked up from the Brewery on May 15, 2016 at 2 pm at the Bridge and Tunnel tap room.   Space is limited.  You can sign up for the event, and find more information here: http://bit.ly/1SZZdgJ




April Meeting and Fastrack Speed Challenge Recap!


If you missed our April meeting, you missed out on a good time.  We started the meeting with Damon Oscarson from LIC Beer Project, who shared 4 of their beers with us (one of which had just been kegged that day).  Damon was fantastic and we really appreciate him coming out for a meeting.



We then moved onto the Fastrack Speed Challenge.   First place was taken by Scott Rubel.   Second place was first time meeting attendee Ashley.  Third place was taken by our former Fastrack Champion, Mike Sheehan.

Finally Honorable Mention goes out to Ezra. He tried hard, although he seems to have misunderstood the concept.


April Meeting

Wednesday April 6, 2016
7:30 PM
Astoria Brewhouse , 28-50 31st Street

LIC Beer Project & FastRack Speed Challenge!


This month we have a guest speaker and we are hosting the Fastrack Speed Challenge.

Our guest speaker this month is Damon Oscarson from LIC Beer Project.  When we had our LIC brewery tour last fall, LIC Beer Project was our last stop and welcomed us with open arms. Located in Long Island City, they have a beautiful brewery and are making some great beer.

We will also be hosting the Fast Rack Challenge this month. If your not familiar with the event, it is a competition to see who can fill a FastRack with empty beer bottles the fastest.  We have some prizes to give away, and the person with the fastest time will be entered into a chance to win a free ticket to the National Homebrew Conference.

More info can be found here:  http://www.fastbrewing.com/fastrack/speed-challenge/how-it-works